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We live in a fast-paced world, surrounded by temptations that are available with a quick tap of a credit card. The pleasure of shopping is fun, easy and supplies us with a dopamine hit, so we always look for the next purchase to make. The question to ask ourselves is who do we support when we spend our hard-earned money? The cycle of mindless buying can continue for the rest of our lives unless we make a conscious decision to stop and look around – this is when we can discover the sustainable living and ethical fashion, which opens a new world of possibilities.

Although fast fashion can be tempting by offering inexpensive alternatives to the latest trends from high fashion, it is called fast fashion for a reason. This clothing is intended to be disposable, and companies usually use cheap labour and harmful to the environment production approach. On the contrary, slow fashion embodies sustainability and ethics when it comes to the production and consumption of clothing.

How slow fashion can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle
Although not all of us are familiar with fashion and follow the latest trends, we still wear clothes and are active participants and supporters of the fashion industry. Slow fashion offers a more environmentally friendly approach to dressing yourself, regardless of the occasion. Ethical lifestyle can still involve luxurious date nights and feeling on top of the world, without sacrificing the rights of others and the environment.


You can choose a more mindful approach to shopping through thrift shopping, investing in timeless pieces that you can wear longer and supporting brands that understand your values. Usually, such companies are conscious of safe factory working conditions and fair wages while promoting non-toxic and eco-materials. By choosing sustainability over convenience, you can have a positive impact on a rapidly changing fashion industry.  

Fern and The Wolf have created designs that easily translate from day to night, season to season. The aim of the collection is to give you versatile, comfortable, yet stylish outfits that you can use for variety of occasions. Clothing is designed in Australia and ethically produced overseas, the brand stand strong for the values of slow sustainable fashion.

Don’t stop at slow fashion and try “slow beauty”  

Just like in the fashion world, we have access to an incredible amount of options for beauty products. Luckily, more and more brands are becoming transparent about their products and choose sustainable and ethical business practices and natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

Luxury Bath Co is one of the Australian brands that advocate sustainable living and create eco-friendly products. Nastasiya, the founder of the company, wanted to create beauty products that feel and work the same as well-known high-end alternatives, but with ethics and the environment in mind. Luxury Bath Co offers body and hair products inspired by different cultures from around the world. You can choose between mysterious and spicy Arabian inspired scents, refreshing and energizing aromas of Polynesian Islands or subtle floral notes of Japan. The best part of Luxury bath Co products is that they come in reusable glass bottles that look luxurious in any bathroom. As an option, you can also choose to reuse the refillable pouches that they offer, thanks to a carefully developed production technique Anastasia designed to help you reduce plastic waste.



The eco-friendly lifestyle is increasing in popularity, and there is a variety of brands that value fair labour, environment and yours and their ethical views over profit. By spending a moment researching the brands you buy, you can help create a more sustainable future for yourself and generations to come.


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