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Who's Fern and who is the Wolf?

Who's Fern and who is the Wolf?
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Hey there beauties!

Welcome to our blog for Fern & the Wolf, our baby which was launched in May 2017.

I am so regularly asked 'Who's Fern and who is the Wolf?', so I thought it best for the first blog to provide some backstory to our little label.

F&tW was dreamt up by my cousin and I, we were both based in the NT. At this time we would spend hours in our week sending screen shots of outfits to each other or swapping clothes for upcoming events...I'm sure most of you have that person/people you do this with?! One day we were frustrated at not being able to find exactly what we were after, and knowing some of our favourite brands are manufactured in Bali, the plant was seeded to head to Bali and start a label.


Besties, friends, cousins.


In hindsight we were naive and went in blind, but with minimal planning or lead time we launched our first collection, and am currently releasing our third in staggered drops. There has been laughter and tears, so many lessons and massive achievements in this short time. 

So the name?

I have two answers, because with time comes change and with change comes a change in perspective.

If you asked me over the past 12 months I would have said... We both liked the word Fern, and both went off with the order to come up with options that contain Fern. Not long later we both had 'Fern & the Wolf' spring to mind. Both happy and content we rolled with this. So no Fern, no Wolf just a name we both liked! 

Now my answer is slightly different. Operating and owning a label was so much more demanding than what we ever imagined and at the start of this year my cousin, friend and business partner had to make the difficult decision to step away from the business and focus her energy on her family. A decision difficult for both of us - her for giving up something she loved and me being terrified of continuing alone. But luckily I have a strong and supportive network including my cousin, family and a beautifully supportive man standing beside me who helped me overcome this fear.

girls lunch white on white

Red cape, red shoes, Berri jumpsuit

Male wolves are extremely caring and gentle with their female partners. Only death is able to seperate them.

So now if someone asks, they will get the original version but also told that in fact there is a Wolf, and thats the man that overlooks the days and nights I spend on my computer or days at the markets instead of with him so that I can bring you Fern & the Wolf... I am yet to work out if that makes me Fern.


Til next time,






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  • Christine Collins : June 24, 2018

    I’ve often wondered Jenna where the name came from. Loved the story. I can only think that your a special person yourself to attract such wonderful support. All the very best. I’ll keep an eye on the progress. 😘

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